Roof Coatings

Roof coatings are most often used for their protective properties whether it is for new constructed roofing or for maintenance of existing roofing, this maybe to protect the surface of the roof, from weathering or corrosion.

Roof coatings can also be used for aesthetic reasons,for example if you want to change the color of your roof.

For what ever purpose you require roof coatings, you will need to know the correct type of coating and the correct surface preparation for that coating.

Different types of roofing materials require different types of coating products, if you are looking to apply roof coatings to wood, steel, tiled or plastic roofing, etc. You will need to use the correct roof coating for that type of substrate, to ensure good adhesion, and compatibility if application is to an existing roof coating. 

You will also need to decide which method would be most suitable for the application on the roof, brush, spray, or roller, each have they advantages and disadvantages.

No matter what condition your present roof is, you will need the correct roof coatings to ensure a successful job.


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